Life Update | Blog Hiatus | Up Next

Well it’s been a while and while I will not say “I’m back!” I will say, I am not done yet. Moscato and Mascara was an important part of my life and though it has not been active for quite some time it remains important. Read on to find out what has been going on and what is next for M&M!

Life Update

For starters, I have one! When I started Moscato and Mascara I didn’t. I was jobless in Germany while my boyfriend started up his company, and that was it. Makeup, and blogging, became my outlet. When I moved back to the states things did not immediately turn around and makeup and blogging continued to serve as an outlet. And then I felt obligated to my obsession and it was not fun anymore.

Fast forward and life did turn around and I did not need an outlet anymore. I still love makeup and beauty products and the community but it is no longer my only refuge.

With that said, what have I been up to? Working and partaking in French lessons at work, I have taken up hiking (so many trails!), still traveling, and meeting people. I have a real life that consists of more than work and the gym!

Blog Hiatus

As I said above, this blog was an escape and eventually an obsession. I began to feel that I needed to post three times a week, that I had to consistently buy new products, and quantity took precedence over quality. I was going through the motions and lost the joy of makeup blogging.

However, I refused to delete it. Not only did I want to keep this as sort of record of where I was in life, it came in pretty handy as a reference when the names started to wear off my lipsticks. Oh, and it helped a lot when it came to job interviews. Plus, I knew I would come back to it, somehow…

Up Next

This is my blog and I will do what I want with it. Maybe I will write about my New Year’s trip to Prague, or my house keeping tricks, or my latest hike. Is that a lifestyle blog? I don’t know, but be assured there will be no shortage of Moscato and Mascara.

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