Review | Up & Up T Plus Therapeutic Dandruff Shampoo

Few things can ruin a good hair day like dandruff. Your is cooperating, it is looking sleek, and then you spot some white flecks near the roots. The more you try to brush them out the more that appear and worse they’re falling all over your cute black blouse.

This has been my life for years but I think I finally found the product to fix this. 

I have dealt with dandruff since I was six but it has ramped up in the last couple of years. Stress is a trigger for my dandruff and as an almost fully functioning adult I have had more stress recently and hence more dandruff. It doesn’t help that the water quality in the Bay Area isn’t the best for hair. Top it with my heavy mane and my new found love of Zumba, a sweaty head only exacerbates the situation.

Enter… T Plus Therapeutic Dandruff Shampoo! (Up & Up brand because I’m frugal.)

I read about it on Mateja’s Beauty Blog, original Neutrogena version, and finally picked it up at Target a few weeks ago. I had used Head & Shoulders for years but it stripped moisture from my hair and never got rid of everything. Maybe with daily use but I don’t wash my hair on the daily and the way ot strips my hair it would do more damage than relief.

One use of the T Plus Shampoo and my dandruff was as gone as it could be. One use was equivalent to a week of Head & Shoulders, I guess that is why it comes in such a small bottle. It is potent. And it also smells, like tar or something. A small price to pay in my opinion and it doesn’t stick around.

Instructions and ingredients if anyone is curious.

Honestly, I bought this with a mix of hope and skepticism and I have only been pleased. This 8.5 oz bottle was less than $5 at Target and that is five dollars well spent and I would definitely buy it again.

What have you tried for dandruff?

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