Breakfast In Los Gatos | Southern Kitchen LG

I love trying new places, especially local mom and pop types. Current me shakes her head at younger, college me that frequented the national chains and ate generic franchise food, hardly worth the calories in retrospect. Today I am much more selective about where I eat and where I spend my money, away adulthood, but I am here to tell you that Southern Kitchen in Los Gatos is worth it. 

This weekend my friends and I went out for breakfast after our morning workout. I was craving eggs benedict, hash brown, hearty breakfast food. So my friend drove us to this place she swore by, Southern Kitchen LG. I was skeptical as I normally long after and vet new restaurant options for weeks but the promise of hearty hash browns gave me hope.

Los Gatos is a small town in Silicon Valley, at the foot of the Santa Cruz Mountains, and it is adorable. It is cute with it’s small town charm, local shops with pretty windows, and clean streets. In other words, it is bougie. But I go once in a while for happy hour.

Let’s wax poetic about coffee before we get to the main dishes.

I love coffee, I really do. Even so, sometimes there is a cup of coffee so damn good you keep drinking it solely for the flavor, and that is the coffee at Southern Kitchen. One of my friends hardly drinks coffee and she was drinking cup after cup because it was that good. Not that it was fancy, it was regular drip coffee brewed right and full of body and flavored with comfort and love.

My friends kept saying the portions were here would be big, plus gluttony was not on our menu that day, so we ordered chorizo eggs benedict with hash browns and a stack of banana pancakes to share amongst the three of us.

The chorizo benedict had real chorizo (some places claim to use chorizo when it’s actually linguine or some sausage), avocado and hollandaise sauce that was a tad too salty for me but overall delicious. Hash browns were excellent and fulfilled my craving and the pancakes were quite yummy with the banana cooked into it, not just as a topping as my friends had expected.

Breakfast well worth the calories, the drive, and the money. Food plus two cups of coffee came out to about $36, not bad for Saturday breakfast and in Los Gatos. If you’re in the area I highly recommend.

Lastly, to walk off some of the food we took a stroll on the Los Gatos Creek Trail where I found these pretty flowers. It’s a long trail where people on bikes zoomed by us on one side and cars on their way to Santa Cruz on the other (part of the trail is only separated from the highway by ten feet, a fence, and random trees). We only walked about half a mile before turning back, ready to go home, shower, and binge Hulu.

What did you do this weekend?


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