Review | Schmidt’s Lavender and Sage Natural Deodorant

Until recently I had accepted that body odor was an undeniable fact of life. Over the years I have tried countless deodorants from the United States to Europe, Suave to Lady Speedstick to Nivea. They would work initially but eventually they would all fail and I would yet again find myself staring at the wall of deodorant at Target. But one day, one day I see a simple white tube with a name I had never heard, Schmidt’s… could Schmidt’s be it?

Let’s get one major point straight: there are no deodorants at the store. Don’t believe me? Read the “uses” label on the back and you will see that everything out there is for the purpose of “reducing” or “stopping underarm wetness” and not one is to stop ODOR. In other words, all you will find is antiperspirants, and if that is all you need then well, lucky you.

With that said, Schmidt’s promised to keep odor away and having nothing to lose, I bought it. As an added bonus it is a natural deodorant with no aluminum, which I don’t have strong feelings about either way but if I can keep unnecessary things out of my body then why not.

I won’t go into detail about the ingredients but it’s pretty interesting if you want to look up how they work!

The texture is rough and you need to hold it to your underarm for a bit to warm it up so it applies smoothly. The lavender sage scent is overwhelming and you can smell it throughout the day.

It works! I spent the day in the blazing hot sun outside, I spent a weekend walking around Portland, I went to work and the gym, and I did not smell. I was beside myself with happiness until the side effects kicked in.

First my underarms started turning brown, Crayola color brown. Then they were discolored, then back to their normal color but with red edges, then totally red. Finally it burned, it itched, it was the most uncomfortable my underarms had ever been and I was terrified. Never in my life have I reacted like this to a product! Hours of googling and worrying later I decided to go back to my old deodorant and sure enough the next day everything went back to normal.

A few days later I tried using it again but soon the irritation and burning started again. I looked around the web and found it could be severe dryness from the baking soda or maybe even a mild chemical burn, I’m no doctor. I also found I’m not the only one (phew..?) according to these Amazon reviews:

So I ditched it and went back my Balea roll-on until I found something else. Of course YMMV and there are plenty of people that love this deodorant and use it just fine, sadly that is not me.

If you struggle with odor then natural deodorants might be something to look into, I am, but learn from me and keep your receipt just in case. 

Prices vary by store. I bought mine at Target for $5 while Whole Foods sells it for around $11-12 and Marshall’s usually has a decent selection for $5-7.

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