10 White Elephant Ideas (Under $25)

10 white elephant ideas under $25

Tis the season! For holiday parties, gift exchanges, Secret Santas for people you barely know or maybe even don’t like (let’s be honest). My office does a White Elephant at our holiday party and I thought I’d put together a list of sure-to-please gifts under $25 (that is our limit). Even if you don’t have an office party, use this as inspiration for that hard-to-shop-for person in your life.

Everything listed is from Target or Amazon Prime.
There is no rhyme or reason to the order, just the way they fit into this graphic.

    1. Eat What you Watch: A Cookbook for Movie Lovers – From the man that brought you Binging With Babish on Youtube, Andrew Rea takes plates and recipes from movies and TV shows and brings them to life. Sometimes improving on them, looking at you milk steak from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia…
    2. Cards Against Humanity $20- The funnest card game since Bullshit. A little politically incorrect, a little raunchy, a whole lot of fun. If someone doesn’t like this game well, I’ll tell you that you don’t need party poopers in your life like that.
    3. Plush Blanke$22 – Who couldn’t use a big plush blanket in their life? Alternatively, a Snuggy. I brought one to our White Elephant last year and the recipient adored it!
    4. Microwave Popcorn Maker $16 – Make additive free popcorn at home in minutes. Easy to use and  easy to clean, I bought one for my boyfriend and he loves it.
    5. Power Bank $18 – An essential for anybody and everybody in today’s tech age. Great for vacations, nights out, the person who constantly forgets to charge their phone is runs at 8%… Target also carries some between $5-10 in fun colors and patterns.
    6. Camelbak Eddy Water Bottle $10-15 – Reduce waste and stay hydrated. Keep at your desk or in your gym bag, everyone could use a reusable water bottle. Kleen Kanteen and Contigo also make great bottles and you can always find cute whens in Spot’s Corner at Target (the $1-5 section when you walk in).
    7. Packing Cubes $20 – Wether they travel domestically or they’re an international jet-setter, I bet they could use packing cubes. These keep your suitcase organized and help you pack in a bit more.
    8. French Press Coffee Maker $20 – Make someones morning coffee routine a little more DIY. No filters or power outlets needed, and I think that you can taste that little extra effort in every cup.You can also find different sizes and colors at Marshall’s for less money.
    9. QI Wireless Charger $20 – Again, what is more useful than a phone charger nowadays? As someone with a horrible habit of grabbing my phone and forgetting to look up something then picking it up again and having to unplug it from the charger every time, I’d say this is super useful.
    10. Bluetooth Speaker $25 – Someone last year brought one shaped like a disco ball and it was a hit. Great for picnics, barbecues, any room of the house, bluetooth speakers are a fantastic additions to anyones gadget collection. Better yet, Target carries a variety of styles and prices from $10-100+.

There you have it! Ten affordable and useful (if impersonal) gifts for the holidays. I hope this helps and let me know what your easy and useful gift idea is!

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