eBay Gold Metal Brushes | RT Bold Metals Collection Dupes

ebay RT gold brushes

Next on my list of posts I need to put up: these Real Techniques makeup brush dupes from eBay. I saw these on Reddit in late November and ordered them the next day as I was in need of makeup brushes and the price could not be beat. While I waited for mine to arrive I saw them popping up on the Instagrams of a couple of my favorite bloggers and even a recommended video on Youtube. They arrived in early December and four months later, here they are on the blog. Continue reading

Palm Springs Haul

PS Haul

My first Sunday post of the year! And hopefully the only one this month as I am entering a serious no-buy. I was organizing my makeup recently and there is just so much that I still need to try and I would really like to hit pan one something this year hence I’m going on a no-buy (unless  there is something that calls for celebration in the form of a haul). So far so good as this is all pre-New Year shopping I did in Palm Springs.  Continue reading

This Week At The Drugstore

drugstore 12-20

Can anyone believe we are just days away from Christmas? I only need to survive three days at of work this week and then the company closes until New Years so 11 day weekend here I come! Hence, I may not post as much or at all during those days as I will be in my hometown relaxing, seeing old friends, and probably be wearing shorts and a t-shirt. California amirite? But first, my Sunday post. Spoiler: great week for mall sales. Continue reading

This Week At The Drugstore

drugstore 12-13

More like the last three weeks at the drugstore? Lately not much has caught my eye, or maybe I haven’t wandered the drugstores as I used to, or maybe the fact that I have been funneling my funds toward a winter wardrobe contributes to my lack of shopping. At least “This Week At The Drugstore” is back, and it’s a good one.

Continue reading

This Week at the Drugstore


Happy Sunday, hope you already got your BOGO holiday drinks from Starbucks! I almost wasn’t going to do a post today but while I was taking pictures for other posts I realized I did buy a thing or two this week. So here is what I picked up this week! Continue reading

Review | Wet n Wild Color Icon Bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana

Wet n Wild Reserve Your Cabana

Have you ever come across a product shrouded in hype, yet was totally underwhelming in store? That was my experience with Wet n Wild‘s Color Icon Bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana. One way or another we have all heard of this, we have all seen this hundreds of times at the pharmacy, yet I was not convinced to buy it until I had Walgreens coupon. I know, it’s cheap enough as it is, and worth every penny! Continue reading

Review | Wet N Wild Megalast Lipsticks

Wet N Wild Megalast Lipstick

Has it really been nearly two weeks since my last post? Just when life was settling down, the universe threw me a curveball and I’ve been busy trying not to strike out. At least I’ve been using that time to get to know the Wet N Wild Megalast Lipsticks and put together a collective review of the five that I own. Continue reading