The Beauty Blogger Award

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Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone had a safe and memorable night; my plans were unceremoniously cancelled but I still glammed up and had champagne by the Christmas tree. Anyway.

Thank you to Laura from Lalee Loves Beauty for nominating me for this, these are fun to do and a nice change from the usual posts. Not to mention it started me thinking of my bucket list for the first time in ages. Continue reading

Sweater Weather Tag

Sweater Weather Tag

Now that it is finally starting to feel like fall around here I can post the Sweater Weather Tag! It’s as if fall was waiting for daylight savings to finally arrive. I stole this from allthingslaquer and have been waiting to post this until it felt like fall for me (and until I found a picture of my own to use for it). Fall is my favorite season season of all, partly because growing up in an autumn-less desert I romanticized the heck out of fallen, crunchy leaves and scarves (I didn’t wear a scarf or boots until I was 16 on a school trip to NYC!) Feel free to steal this tag for yourself!

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The Three Quotes Challenge

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This is a complete change from my usual posts, but I was nominated by Anne from The Wherewithals and I’m always glad to do these types of tags. In high school I spent hours online looking for good quotes to fill my notebooks and binders so I am well prepared for this challenge. I didn’t see any specific rules or guidelines but I’ll just give it my best shot! Continue reading