Empties no.1

makeup empties

This post is uncharted territory for me, even after a year and half of blogging. I have never done an empties post, partly because I am too forgetful and toss everything in the bin and partly because it takes me three months to collect enough bottles for a single post. These are empties from about October to mid-January, for as many products as I have I don’t go through them that fast. Continue reading

Germany Haul (with tons of pictures!)

Germany Hau;

I am back! Or rather I have been back and quite busy. Today I have the first part of my Germany haul, some fun products and some boring products but exciting for me all the same as the German drugstore is where I got my start. Surprisingly I did not buy as much as I thought I would which prompted my boyfriend to ask if I had been taken over by an imposter. Anyway, can’t wait to catch up on everyone’s blog and here we go! Continue reading

This Week At The Drugstore


Hi followers! Time for my Sunday post, for which I thought I wouldn’t have much material but the shopaholic in me proved me wrong. I was at home watching Netflix and baseball almost all week however I managed to go to go to the store a couple times, you know to keep my sanity. There is one product in here I forgot to include last Sunday but otherwise I hope you had a more exciting week than me and here we go!
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May Favorites

May Favorites

I finally had time to put together my May 2015 favorites! I was out of town this weekend and blogging from my boyfriend’s office so I didn’t have time to take pictures until now. Even though I bought many new products in May and I have enjoyed them, there are only a few that I have really used enough to comfortably include here. These are the products that made a difference in my May!

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This Week At The Drugstore

Body Shop Lip Butter

This week I went to the designer outlets in Roermond, Netherlands but of course ended up at the Dutch drugstores and it was interesting comparing and contrasting them to the German drugstores. What an eyeopener, especially when it came to prices on North American (international?) brands. This is actually two weeks worth of drugstore shopping since I skipped this post last week, so please don’t think my shopping addiction is out of control. So, here we go! Continue reading

Review | Balea Kaltwachs Streifen

Balea Kaltwachs Streifen

Waxing is the epitome of the old saying “Pain is beauty” and it’s not a cheap habit. I worked at a salon that charged $10 for upper lips and $28 for bikini lines, if it wasn’t for the employee discount I would have gone to the nail salon at the mall instead. But I don’t work there anymore and I have some peach fuzz that needs taking care of so I picked up a pack of DIY wax strips to try. Today I have a both a review and a cautionary tale for ya’ll.  Continue reading

Balea Mattierende Creme (Mattifying Cream)

Balea Mattierende Creme

I’m currently working on a skin care routine post but first I thought I’d show a product that will definitely not be mentioned in there. It’s not that it’s a bad product but it’s a product that didn’t work for me and made me take a closer look at my daily routine and actually led to my current routine. This is also the product I dropped a hint about in my P2 5 in 1 Protection + Care Base post, so without further ado!

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This Week At The Drugstore


Happy Sunday ya’ll! And being Sunday every store is closed in Germany and I have nothing better to do than to recap my week at the drugstore, and man was it a busier week than usual for me. I guess this is a sort of “collective haul” post and a sneak peak at some possible posts to come 😉 Continue reading