February Favorites

February Favorites

What a month! From having the Superbowl in town to visiting my best friend in Denver last week, February held plenty of opportunities to play with makeup. This post is late, sorry, but I was exhausted this whole week and I was fighting the urge to have an energy drink at work, eeek! But I slept in today and here are my many February Favorites! Continue reading

MVP | Most Valuable Product of the Week


My hair is currently 75% Batiste, I have spent the weekend at the office, and I could not be more greatful for this stuff!

That said, I might not be able to prepare posts for the week because I also have to prepare to visit my best friend next weekend!

But I will try, this blog keeps me sane sometimes 🙂

Bis gleich!


Rave | Batiste Dry Shampoo

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Months ago, maybe three or four, a follower asked me or rather suggested I talk about dry shampoos she could find in Europe. I was very excited to have someone who looked to blog for recommendations and a new topic for a post but I knew nothing about dry shampoo. Well Sarah, I hope this isn’t too horribly late! Continue reading

This Week At The Drugstore


Someone check my temperature because the amount of shopping I have not been doing is alarming. Perhaps it’s due to my first IPSY bag or simply that the American drugstore brands are not churning out limited edition collections like German brands. Whatever it is, my wallet is not complaining. Continue reading