2016 Favorites

2016 favorites

We are two weeks into the new year, how is 2017 treating everyone so far? I have been busy or tired, like I went to bed at 7:00 p.m. last night, and have a life update coming soon. I tried to prepare this post last month before l went on vacation and I took a different approach. Instead of digging through my collection for an hour looking for favorites, I grabbed the first things that came to mind. I figured that was the most honest way to do this, or the laziest. Any products I forgot will be mentioned at the end. Continue reading

Drugstore Highlighters | $10 Or Less

best drugstore highlighters

Believe it or not, good highlighters at the drugstore do exist and I have a list to prove it. Not to hate on high-end or Sephora priced highlighters, but I have heard enough complaints about a “lack of highlighters” at the drugstore to finally stand up and say something about it. Originally I thought that their increased availability was correlated to the explosion in their popularity, but some of these have been around far too long for that to be true, they just weren’t exactly labeled as “highlighters.” So I have compiled a list of highlighters, from my own makeup collection, to show that good highlighters are available at the drugstore and most of them are $10 or less.

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