Germany Haul | Part 2 | Blush and More Blush

Germany Haul

How about that “Oops!” moment when you find a draft you never scheduled or posted? Better late than never I suppose. If you missed part I of my Germany haul, here it is, even if just to look at pretty pictures of makeup.

I hope you like blush because as the title implies, there is a lot of blush in part two of my Germany haul. In fact, I have been thinking of doing a blush declutter as I am now nearing 40 blushes. Don’t judge… However, I also picked up a few neat pieces that are not blush that I am also very excited about!  Continue reading

April Favorites

April Favorites

It is April Favorites time and instead of the repetitive and boring “Oh my god, where did the month go?” I have more of a “Wow, I’ve been doing this for a year!” feeling. Just over a year ago I started this blog as a hobby and sanity saver and though it has not always been easy to keep to keep it up, here I am a year later, still going at it and to me that is quite a feat. Without further ado, this month’s favorites. Continue reading

BH Cosmetics Bombshell Bronzer in Starlet

BH Cosmetics Bombshell Bronzer in Starlet

I have never been one for bronzer and maybe I never will be, still I have found one that I can’t put down.  Silly me always thought bronzer was pointless for someone with my olive, easily tanned complexion and while I now know better, I still can’t get into them. Months ago I needed a few dollars to get free shipping on a order from BH Cosmetics and this looked pretty enough so I added it to my cart. Now that the weather is warmer and the sun is shining I have been testing it and I think I love it! Continue reading

Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Custom All-in-1 Nude Palette

Shimmer Strips Custom All-in-1 Nude Palette for Face & Eyes

Good morning all! In the spirit of spring cleaning and getting out of this funk I am in, I have resolved to post everything I have had in the bag for a while, slowly of course. I have too many products dating back to last summer that I bought, photographed, used, never wrote about and I want to clean out that “To Do” folder and start fresh in a sense. I figure it will also be a good way to rediscover products, starting with the Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Custom All-in-1 Nude Palette for Face & Eyes. Continue reading

Review | BH Cosmetics Wild & Radiant Baked Illuminating & Bronzing Palette

Wild & Radiant - Baked Illuminating & Bronzing Palette

One hundred followers! That is nothing to some of you, who put more time and effort into your blog, but to me that is quite something and rewarding. (It was tempting to reward myself for this but I am constantly buying things so there was no point in enabling myself even further.) Thank you to everyone who follows me and reads my posts, truly!

For today I am finally reviewing this baked palette from BH Cosmetics. I’ve had it for months now, mentioned it in my last favorites post, and with the weather beginning to call for something  more subtle it is time to talk about it or wait until next summer. Continue reading

This Week At The Drugstore



Happy first week of June! The sun came out, I wore shorts outside, I wore flip flops outside, and I survived yet another public holiday. Combine that with some of the discounts I found this week and I’d say it was a good one. Plus, I found an old chocolate container to toss all my weekly purchases and keep track of them, and possibly to remind me to slow down. Let’s see what is in it!


Continue reading