Zote Soap… As A Brush Cleaner?

ZOTE soap to clean makeup brushes

You might be wondering why there is a bar of laundry soap heading this post and I can explain. Have you ever come across a tip, a life hack that sounds too good to be true? Then you find yourself dropping everything to put it to the test? This was my weekend with Zote Soap, which I hear makes an excellent makeup brush cleaner. Continue reading

Review | E.L.F. Daily Brush Cleaner

E.L.F. Daily Brush Cleanser

If you haven’t heard yet, my home state of California is going through a “crippling, historic” drought that is forcing us to change all of our water related habits. While I was in Germany this draught was always in the back of my mind and once I knew I had to come home I started thinking of ways I could cut back my own water usage. One of those being the way in which I wash my makeup brushes. Luckily for me, E.L.F. might have the answer.

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