Germany Haul | Part 2 | Blush and More Blush

Germany Haul

How about that “Oops!” moment when you find a draft you never scheduled or posted? Better late than never I suppose. If you missed part I of my Germany haul, here it is, even if just to look at pretty pictures of makeup.

I hope you like blush because as the title implies, there is a lot of blush in part two of my Germany haul. In fact, I have been thinking of doing a blush declutter as I am now nearing 40 blushes. Don’t judge… However, I also picked up a few neat pieces that are not blush that I am also very excited about!  Continue reading

My Go-To Blush

catrice blush

The last time I counted every blush I own, including individual pans in palettes, I counted upwards of 30. Ignoring that I may have a blush problem, some outfits call for a mauve-pink and others for a flirty pink and sometimes you can’t say no to the packaging when you’re a the store. So, with that many blush options sometimes choosing a shade is the more difficult part of my makeup routine. Thankfully, I have found my go-to. Continue reading

Review | Kaviar Gauche for Catrice Blurring Powder Pearls

Kaviar Gauche for Catrice LE Blurring Powder Pearls

You may have seen this product on my Sunday post a couple of weeks back and it’s time to share it with you. Although I am crazy about it, ya’ll know I like a pretty package, I wanted to test it, use it a few times, gather my thoughts, and let my immediate infatuation pass so as not to gush for 500 plus words. However, I think the following pictures will speak for themselves. Continue reading

Review | Catrice Allround Concealer

Catrice Allround Concealer Let’s take a break from blush and talk about color correcting. A few weeks ago I had a tiny, minuscule pimple on the top of my cheek that turned into a red spot that refused to go away and I thought if there were ever a time to try color correcting, that was it. I looked at the drugstore options and settled on the Catrice Allround Concealer and put it up against my Manhattan Wake Up Concealer. I’ll try by best not to turn this into a rant. Continue reading

This Week At The Drugstore

Body Shop Lip Butter

This week I went to the designer outlets in Roermond, Netherlands but of course ended up at the Dutch drugstores and it was interesting comparing and contrasting them to the German drugstores. What an eyeopener, especially when it came to prices on North American (international?) brands. This is actually two weeks worth of drugstore shopping since I skipped this post last week, so please don’t think my shopping addiction is out of control. So, here we go! Continue reading