Review | Wet n Wild Color Icon Trio I’m Getting Sunburned

Wet n Wild Color Icon Trio I'm Getting Sunburned

By now Wet n Wild eyeshadows have reached an almost hidden-treasure-like status or drugstore-holy-grail status. People love them and they are inexpensive, basically. Obviously, I had to try them and months ago I purchased three of the Color Icon Trios, one of which I have already reviewed most unfavorably. So does this one live up to the hype or does it follow in the crummy footsteps of Silent Treatment? Continue reading

This Week At The Drugstore

Wet N Wild Color Icon eyeshadows

Happy first Sunday of fall! It is officially my favorite season and to celebrate I treated myself to a few things from CVS. Just kidding, I’m not that frivolous but I did have coupons on coupons on top of good deals on some items I have had my eye on. Spoiler alert: I only spent $11.92 on everything.  Continue reading