2015 Fails

2015 Fails

Call it cliché but I am starting the year with a bit of cleaning out, of my makeup that is. Everyone is compiling their best and worst of the year lists and while I did my worst of I saw it as a chance to clean.

Most of these products I have reviewed and I have linked the reviews in here. Others I have not until now and if any of these differ from their posted review, attribute it to hindsight and maybe a few more begrudging attempt to use them… Continue reading

Review | Sleek i-Divine Del Mar Vol II Palette

Del Mar Vol II

Since I was unable to post yesterday I will be completely upfront with you today and start by saying that I am disappointed in this palette. I bought into a hype that I did not research and I am now trying so hard to like this product and to make it work because the eyeshadows within look so pretty and darn it I paid for this thing. What gives? Continue reading

This Week From Kosmetik4Less


Happy Sunday and day after Eurovision! Today I decided to finally post my last order from Kosmetik4Less instead of what I bought at the drugstore since this order arrived a week ago. Also, this week at the drugstore was a bit boring (deodorant and face masks) apart from a lipstick. Sooo… Continue reading