Review | Alverde Rose Tinted Highlighter

Alverde Rose Tinted Highlighter

Today I want to take it way back to one of my first, if not my very first, highlighters. Many say this is a drugstore dupe for Benefit’s Highbeam, having not cared for my sample of it years ago I will let you be the judge of that. After rediscovering it, and these pictures, last week I figured it was time to share this little hidden treasure. Continue reading

My Go-To Blush

catrice blush

The last time I counted every blush I own, including individual pans in palettes, I counted upwards of 30. Ignoring that I may have a blush problem, some outfits call for a mauve-pink and others for a flirty pink and sometimes you can’t say no to the packaging when you’re a the store. So, with that many blush options sometimes choosing a shade is the more difficult part of my makeup routine. Thankfully, I have found my go-to. Continue reading

Review | P2 Pure Color Lipsticks

P2 lipstick

In a recent empties video Tati, GlamLifeGuru, mentioned a P2 lipstick. She isn’t always a hit with me but when she mentioned P2, a brand that can only be found in Germany (or surrounding countries with DMs), I was stupidly excited. I already owned one of their lipsticks but after that video I decided to try a couple more. If you follow “This Week At The Drugstore” you know I’ve had these for a few weeks; I gave myself time to really test them and I can finally share them with you!

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Balea Mattierende Creme (Mattifying Cream)

Balea Mattierende Creme

I’m currently working on a skin care routine post but first I thought I’d show a product that will definitely not be mentioned in there. It’s not that it’s a bad product but it’s a product that didn’t work for me and made me take a closer look at my daily routine and actually led to my current routine. This is also the product I dropped a hint about in my P2 5 in 1 Protection + Care Base post, so without further ado!

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Review | P2 5 in 1 Protection + Care Base

P2 5 in 2 Protection + Care Base Fun fact: with the exception of Maybelline’s Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser here and there to blur my pores, I have never used a face primer in my life. In the last couple of months that I’ve become serious about makeup I’ve noticed that a lot of people use a primer to increase the longevity of their makeup. While perusing my favorite makeup message board I saw that practically every FOTD included a primer and I wondered if there was something I was missing. Well that was about to change. Continue reading