Ulta 2x Points Haul

Ulta 2x point haul

Ulta just ended another round of their double points days and of course I picked up a few things. Not to self: make a shopping list to make the most of this event. There is an Ulta a block away from my office for which I am very grateful, these days I try to get most things at Ulta because their reward system is great and you can use the $3.50 off $15 coupon multiple times. So let’s see what I picked up. Continue reading

MVP | Most Valuable Product of the Week


My hair is currently 75% Batiste, I have spent the weekend at the office, and I could not be more greatful for this stuff!

That said, I might not be able to prepare posts for the week because I also have to prepare to visit my best friend next weekend!

But I will try, this blog keeps me sane sometimes 🙂

Bis gleich!


Rave | Batiste Dry Shampoo

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Months ago, maybe three or four, a follower asked me or rather suggested I talk about dry shampoos she could find in Europe. I was very excited to have someone who looked to blog for recommendations and a new topic for a post but I knew nothing about dry shampoo. Well Sarah, I hope this isn’t too horribly late! Continue reading