This Week At The Drugstore


My Sunday post is back! And really behind! This Sunday haul is actually from two, three weeks ago? So more like Three Weeks Ago At The Drugstore but bear with me as I play catch up. Nothing but deals and discounts, my favorite D words, in this post that I shamelessly tracked down. Just wait until you see the last item! Continue reading

Review | Essie Leave No Trace

Essie Leave No Trace


Recently I was at DM looking for the new Essie collection when I saw they had a new polish remover and I remembered getting a sample of it months ago. Curious as to whether the full size was worth or it not I dug up my sample and gave it a go. I had several posts planned ahead but there are so few reviews, posts and videos about this that I had to post this ASAP.

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Summer Polishes

Summer Polishes

Finally a nail polish post! Before I was addicted to makeup I was addicted to nail polish and my friends were shocked if I went more than four days without changing my polish and/or buying a new one. I guess you could say nail polish was my gateway cosmetic and it’s about time I post about it. Besides the weather today is so dreary, chilly and gray and we’re only a week away from June!  To brighten things up I thought I’d go through my nail polish collection and pick my favorite colors for summer. If it can’t be summer outside then I’ll make it summer in here. Continue reading