May Favorites

May Favorites

I finally had time to put together my May 2015 favorites! I was out of town this weekend and blogging from my boyfriend’s office so I didn’t have time to take pictures until now. Even though I bought many new products in May and I have enjoyed them, there are only a few that I have really used enough to comfortably include here. These are the products that made a difference in my May!

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This Week From Kosmetik4Less


Happy Sunday and day after Eurovision! Today I decided to finally post my last order from Kosmetik4Less instead of what I bought at the drugstore since this order arrived a week ago. Also, this week at the drugstore was a bit boring (deodorant and face masks) apart from a lipstick. Sooo… Continue reading

Kosmetik4Less Mini Haul

Kosmetik4Less Haul

About two months ago I found out about Kosmetik4Less, a German online makeup store based in Hamburg with a wide variety of brands and products and reasonable shipping. For the next month I compiled my first wish list and saved my loose change in my “Beauty Jar” and after hours of deliberating here are the final products I ordered.  Continue reading