Gone For Labor Day Weekend | Last Week Of Summer

2013-11-08 23.30.14-2

No, I am not going to Rome. I guess you could say I am going to Venice, Paris, New York City, and actually you can count Rome in there. Have you guessed?

I’m going to Las Vegas for the entire week! I’m probably driving down the 5 as this posts.


I’m visiting a good friend for the week and celebrating my new job, so apologies if I post nothing during this time. My Instagram should be very active though!

These are all pictures from my last Vegas trip almost two years ago. Eeek!

2013-11-09 01.50.32

If you have any recommendations on what to do or what to see let me know below! And I hope you all have a fun filled Labor Day Weekend or Bank Holiday or whatever it is your country celebrates!

Bis gleich!