Review | tre’StiQue Mini Matte Lip Crayon | Chili Red

tre'StiQue Mini Matte Lip Crayon

When this lip pencil arrived in an Ipsy bag back in November I thought, “Good job sending me a lipstick without the cap guys.” My second thought asked who or what this brand was, I had never heard of them. My third thought hoped that there wasn’t red lipstick all over the inside of the cute Ipsy bag. Safe to say I was not impressed, but there is a reason we don’t always go by first impressions. Continue reading

This Week At The Drugstore

drugstore 12-13

More like the last three weeks at the drugstore? Lately not much has caught my eye, or maybe I haven’t wandered the drugstores as I used to, or maybe the fact that I have been funneling my funds toward a winter wardrobe contributes to my lack of shopping. At least “This Week At The Drugstore” is back, and it’s a good one.

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September Ipsy Bag

sept ipsy

Catch up schmash mup, I have decided to not do any catch up posts and instead carry on like normal. What is the point? There is no point in putting my time into posting stuff I’ve bought or received, all the while holding back from writing reviews because I haven’t previously posted that I ever bought that item. Pushing on, my September Ipsy bag arrived last weekend and immediately looked much more promising than the August bag.  Continue reading

This MONTH At The Drugstore



Good afternoon and I hope you’ve had your coffee and breakfast because this is going to be a long one! Since I hate playing catch up, I’ve decided to do a collective haul of everything I’ve bought and received over the last four weeks. My weekday posts are still sporadic, made small progress toward getting internet at home, but you can still count on my Sunday post!

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Review | Essence Long Lasting Lipsticks

Essence Long Lasting Lipsticks

I am back to blogging! My apologies for the nearly two week pause, I was traveling and I was moving and I am still getting everything together again and posts will be sporadic until I can get back on a regular posting schedule.

To get started again I’m sharing with you my thoughts on these lovely lipsticks. If you don’t recognize the packaging, they are the Essence Long Lasting Lipsticks and to my big surprise, they are great! Continue reading

Review | P2 Pure Color Lipsticks

P2 lipstick

In a recent empties video Tati, GlamLifeGuru, mentioned a P2 lipstick. She isn’t always a hit with me but when she mentioned P2, a brand that can only be found in Germany (or surrounding countries with DMs), I was stupidly excited. I already owned one of their lipsticks but after that video I decided to try a couple more. If you follow “This Week At The Drugstore” you know I’ve had these for a few weeks; I gave myself time to really test them and I can finally share them with you!

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