Review | Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara

ESSENCE  Lash Princess Volume Mascara

I think I need to set myself reminders to blog since it’s the end of March and the last time I posted was….The days melt together and I keep finding weekend activities to keep me busy. With the days getting longer and hence better lighting for photos, I hope to be better about it. Fingers crossed.

Sooo, I’ve had this mascara since Christmas and it’s been hiding in my makeup bag ever since. But why? Continue reading

Physicians Formula Sexy Boost Cat Eyes Mascara

Physicians Formula Sexy Boost Cat Eyes Mascara

During the last few months I have amassed a small mascara collection, I thought there was enough to last me through the year. Fail after fail proved me wrong though. Nothing impressed me and I was trying a new mascara and tossing it every couple of weeks, which finally led me to try the Physicians Formula Sexy Boost Cat Eyes Mascara. Safe to say, this could be holy grail status. Continue reading

Review | Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara

I have a confession to make: high end mascaras do not get my engine going. It is not that I am a drugstore snob but I cannot justify spending a gas tank’s worth of money on a tube of mascara. Especially now that I know how to apply falsies and mascara is merely a formality. So when Ipsy included the Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara in my bag a few months back, I was pretty happy.

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Review | Physician’s Formula CC Curl + Care Mascra

Physician's Formula CC Mascra

It seems that I cannot catch a break when it comes to mascara lately and I was hoping this one would turn things around. Even though I picked it up on accident, I meant to go for the green tube, when I opened it and saw the wand I became giddy. After two weeks of use, I think I can offer a good review. Read on! Continue reading

Review | Essence I Love Extreme Volume Mascara

Essence I Love Extreme Volume Mascara

It seems I unintentionally made it mascara week but that is what happens when your mascara craps out on you and you are scrambling to find a new one. Recently my beloved Manhattan mascara dried up out of nowhere forcing me to find a new mascara, in the middle of the week. Well the IT Cosmetics mascara was a fail, on to Essence and hopefully better luck. Continue reading

Review | IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes

IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes

Here is something different for my blog: a high end product. Nothing against high end products but I’m more of a drugstore girl and when I received an IT Cosmetics product in my IPSY bag a while back, I was a little excited. Adding to that excitement was the fact that the product was a mascara! But was my excitement warranted? Continue reading

Review | Manhattan Supersize False Lash Look Mascara

Manhattan Supersize False Lash Look Mascara

Even though mascara is and has long been my favorite makeup item, I realize I don’t try many of them. When I find one I like I hold on to it until the very last, almost dry, drop. Somehow I picked up this pink tube months ago and I intend to hold onto it until not even the cleverest of internet hacks can prolong its life.  Continue reading

Review | Essence Get BIG Lashes!

Essence Get Big Lashes Mascara

Greetings from the library down my street! Still working on getting internet at home and I am ever so grateful that my city has an extensive, techy, and wonderful public library system. Sometimes a girl needs a break from Starbucks. Yup, I just said that.

I’m also saying I found a mascara that I dislike. Keep reading. Continue reading