My Go-To Blush

catrice blush

The last time I counted every blush I own, including individual pans in palettes, I counted upwards of 30. Ignoring that I may have a blush problem,┬ásome outfits call for a mauve-pink and others for a flirty pink and sometimes you can’t say no to the packaging when you’re a the store. So, with that many blush options sometimes choosing a shade is the more difficult part of my makeup routine. Thankfully, I have found my go-to. Continue reading

Review | RL de Young Mono Rouge in Rose Wood

RL de Young Mono Rouge Rosewood

Remember when I said I was done playing catch up? Yeah right, self. Besides my Vegas trip, I have been absent due to my new job which gives me a normal 9-5-ish schedule and puts me in the middle of Silicon Valley morning traffic (I live too close to work to take their bus there and not close enough to avoid said traffic, ugh), all of which I am adjusting to. Thankfully I had the foresight to photograph a few products here and there for times like these, like this blush that I bought months ago. Continue reading