Review | BH Cosmetics Wild & Radiant Baked Illuminating & Bronzing Palette

Wild & Radiant - Baked Illuminating & Bronzing Palette

One hundred followers! That is nothing to some of you, who put more time and effort into your blog, but to me that is quite something and rewarding. (It was tempting to reward myself for this but I am constantly buying things so there was no point in enabling myself even further.) Thank you to everyone who follows me and reads my posts, truly!

For today I am finally reviewing this baked palette from BH Cosmetics. I’ve had it for months now, mentioned it in my last favorites post, and with the weather beginning to call for something ┬ámore subtle it is time to talk about it or wait until next summer. Continue reading

August & September Favorites

August September Favorites

September is over today and for once I have my favorites ready,┬áto which I may or may not be making edits in the following days. I had planned to do an August favorites post but that was halfway through the month which seemed pointless thus I have combined it with my September favorites. I know I forgot an item or two from August, I have the most important favorites, and as for September I have less favorites than I thought I would (I don’t wear as much makeup for my new job). Enough rambling though. Continue reading